We would like to get your menu plans to you as soon as possible but make sure the email address that is attached to your PayPal account is the same email account you are checking for our menu plans.

Was the purchase under a different email address or do you have a different email address attached to your PayPal account?

Was the purchase under your name? Or a company name? Or another name such as a maiden name?
Did you order the plans using your spouse's or someone else's PayPal account? If so the menu plans are going to their email address attached to their PayPal account.

Could you double check and see if you received your receipt from PayPal yet and what email address you used? You should get it immediately after the purchase.

The confirmation emails and menu plans will go to the email address that is registered to your Paypal account or to the one you entered when you made your purchase. If you want to change your email address after a purchase has been made just contact us and and we will be glad to change your email address on your account.