It’s possible you haven’t confirmed your email addresses. Right after you sign up we send you a confirmation email with a link to click to confirm your subscription.

Make sure you check your email and click on the confirmation link we sent to you. Check your spam box if you can’t find it. We have to abide by the spam laws so you have to confirm before we can put you on an email list.

If you still can't find the confirmation email please contact us with the email address you used to sign up and we'll send it again.

Note: Those with aol, hotmail, live and yahoo addresses... These ISPs are very aggressive and gobble up commercial emails and emails with attachments. We have a lot of clients with these email domains who have trouble recieving emails from us as well as in general. Please put or just on your white list to make sure you receive our emails.

The confirmation emails and menu plans will go to the email address that is registered to your PayPal account or to the one you entered when you made your purchase. If you want to change your email address after a purchase has been made just contact us at and and we will be glad to change your email address on your account.